Non Profits – Let’s be partners in this community!

Lone Star Community Radio offers many opportunities for Non-Profits. Below, you will find a list of what we offer. If you have any questions regarding the list below, just contact the station manager, Dick, at

  1. PSA’s (30 Second Audio Spot) – Lone Star Community Radio offers FREE limited sponsorship’s for qualifying Non-Profits. Just follow the steps below, and you can get your Audio Sponsorship on the AIR with Lone Star Community Radio. Creation of the audio spot is absolutely FREE!

    1. Submit a 30-second written audio spot script to

    2. Once Approved, schedule a recording time with Lone Star Community Radio (Voice Talent must be provided by Non-Profit).

    3. If the audio spot is covering an event, the PSA must be submitted 30 days prior to the event.

    4. Only one audio spot can be created every 3 months. (Outside the creation of a TIMED ORIENTED SPOT)

    5. Lone Star Community Radio does not guarantee the number of times the audio spot is played. ALL PSA’s are played at random when a sponsorship spot isn’t filled. So become a sponsor to guarantee your audio spot being played!

  2. Station Guests

    1. Lone Star Community Radio has a variety of Music Shows and Talk Shows that have a wide audience! If you want to be a guest on any show, just contact the Station Manager at Anyone is welcome, and of course it is FREE! We are a community radio station!

  3. Logo

    1. Provide a high resolution logo, and we can add you to our Non-Profit Sponsor! We accept .jpeg/.png/.ai/ .eps files! Just send them over to

  4. Special Non-Pofit prices for sponsorship’s of Music Shows & Talk Shows! Just contact for a great opportunity to be a sponsor of Lone Star Internet Radio, which will expand awareness of your brand/fundraiser/event!