More Than Surviving with Dr. John D. VanderKaay

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If you have ever had problems in your relationships that you just couldn’t seem to solve yourself and you just wanted to get some helpful information or to ask an expert a quick question that can help you, “More Than Surviving: The Mighty Marriages & Families Show with Dr. John VanderKaay” is just what you’ve been looking for.  Whether it’s a problem with your toddler, your spouse, or your brother, “More Than Surviving” is the place to turn to get solid answers.  The show features fun and engaging teaching, guest experts in the area of marriage and family issues, questions and answers from listeners, and even Project Legacy.  Project Legacy is the stories of couples, told by the couples themselves, who have been married for 50+ years and have great marriages.  You’ll hear how they’ve done it and how you can too!  Drawing from decades of experience in pastoral ministry and as a military combat chaplain, as well as a doctorate in marriage and family counseling, More Than Surviving will offer you sound advice and information that can help you and your relationships do more than survive.  It can help you thrive!

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