The Cindy Cochran Show

April 7th, 2016 – The Cindy Cochran Show

April 07, Thursday show: The Cindy Cochran Show presents the very first “Talented Kids and their Stage Mothers” with 4 year old Braelynn Dunahoe she will be performing samplings of the songs “Hello” by Adele, “uptown funk” by Bruno Mars, and of course “Frozen”…You can’t miss the cuteness that will be oozing from the air waves…Her Stage Mother, Brianna Dunahoe will be doing backup… your ears will love you for listening!

The Cindy Cochran Show Sponsors’ – A Very Special Thank You!

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Want to be a guest on The Cindy Cochran Show? Anyone is welcome! You can contact the station through our CONTACT US PAGE – Just click HERE!

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