February 16th, 2015 - Mornings with Lone Star - Jake Ward

February 16th, 2015 – Mornings with Lone Star – Jake Ward

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Jake is a Texas Country singer from Corpus Christi, and joined Dick and Tony to talk about his upcoming album, his new single, and his performance at The Firehouse Salon on February 21st. To hear more from Jake, check out his website: jakewardmusic.com/

Jake Ward

Jake Ward

About Jake

Jake Ward is an up and coming young country music performer from Corpus Christi, Texas. Jake and his band, the Coast Riders have had an incredible ride since forming in 2014. Their first single, Hit the Road, was a top 30 hit on the Texas music charts, remaining on the charts for over six months.  He just released his second single, Ignorant Bliss, a catchy, up-tempo ode to nostalgia that is so different than than the moody ballad Hit the Road that many are surprised they are written and sung by the same person. Jake attributes his musical versatility to growing up surrounded by music and “spending hours in the car listening to my dad’s music which seemed like half the performers from the ’60s and 70’s but particularly — the Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Glen Campbell and America.”  He says he grew up around music; both of his parents are active in music, and his great grandfather was one of the greatest fiddle players in Oklahoma during the great depression.  Jake began singing in church and in local musicals at age 8. At 22, Jake is one of the youngest performers in the Texas music scene to have chart success. Jake and his band have performed with virtually every top act in the Texas music scene, including Kevin Fowler, Casey Donahew, the Eli Young Band, Whiskey Myers, and Wade Bowen, and to name a few.  This Saturday, he opens for another legendary performer, Zane Williams, at the Firehouse in Houston. Jake and the Coast Riders’ show is known for its great musicianship, sky high energy level, and fun.

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